B r i g h t o n B a p t i s t !

Our Committee

Brighton Baptist kindergarten is managed by the Committee of Management that is comprised of both church and parent representatives.  Our kindergarten is governed by the Brighton Baptist Constitution as an Incorporated Association and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD).

A copy of the constitution is held in the office, which you are welcome to read.  Brighton Baptist is currently licensed under the Education and Care Service National Law and Care Services National Regulations 2011. A copy of the certificate is on display in the foyer.

The committee is responsible for the day to day running and government administration of Brighton Baptist and comprises of the following members:

The Management Committee is comprised of:

  • Pastor
  • Three Church Representatives elected by the church
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary / Public Officer
  • Administration Assistant

The General Committee is comprised of:

  • Fees Officer
  • Minutes Secretary
  • Enrolment Officer
  • Maintenance Officer
  • Social Club President
  • Grants Officer
  • Social Club Sub-committee
  • Communications Officer
  • Three non-voting parent reps – one from each group