B r i g h t o n B a p t i s t !


At Brighton Baptist Kindergarten we work together with our families to provide a happy, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for all our children.  The kindergarten program is determined by the children’s individual needs and interests that is developmentally appropriate and meaningful to them.  We provide children with a safe environment that aims to develop personal independence, self awareness  and ultimately to build confidence and self esteem.
As educators we help to facilitate the love of learning through a wide range of intentional and unintentional experiences, such as literacy, numeracy, experimentation and partner-shipping with parents and family.  We believe that structured numeracy and literacy activities particularly in 4YO kindergarten helps build their confidence as happy learners as they transition to shool.
Brighton Baptist values and respects the individual needs of each child and their families and encourages every child to reach their own unique potential.   We are all about having a go and loving what we do and ourselves.