We feel privileged spending this time with your child and we know that for some, this is a huge step into the world beyond their own front door. Our aim is to build confident learners by providing a space where they can grow and express themselves while feeling safe and supported.

We facilitate child initiated, play based learning opportunities that encourage children to freely explore at their own personal level and where they can think and express themselves creatively.

Our role is to guide, scaffold and support children’s learning through open-ended questions, problem solving and inquiry. We continually evaluate children’s play to determine what it is the children are learning and then help shape and extend this. The choices and experiences we provide are developed from our observations of the children and their abilities, their interests and understandings.

At kindergarten, children will be encouraged to develop confidence, independence, self-awareness and a feeling of self-worth. They will become more aware of the world around them and have many opportunities to develop warm, caring relationships with other adults, as well as, friendships with other children.

We follow both the National (EYLF) and State (VEYLDF) Learning Frameworks and the National Quality Standards (NQS), where we are rated EXCEEDING.

Children must have turned four years of age on or before April 30 in the year of attendance, to be eligible for the 4YO kindergarten program.

From 2022, all children accessing 3YO kindergarten will transition to 4YO kindergarten the following year. Only children who meet the criteria for a second year of 4YO kindergarten will be eligible to access an additional year of 4YO kindergarten. As a result, it is important for families to carefully consider the best time to enrol their child in kindergarten. Reflect on what age your child will be and when they are likely to be ready to begin school. If you are considering starting your child when they are five years old turning six, rather than when they are four years old turning five, we recommend you start three year old kindergarten two years before your child starts school.

It is important to note that if you decide your child is ‘young’ and not ready for school after one year of four year old kindergarten, your child will not automatically receive a second year of funded kindergarten. A child will only be eligible to receive a second year of funded 4YO kindergarten if they are assessed as having at least two areas of significant developmental delay. Age is not a consideration.

At Brighton Baptist Kindergarten, our educators believe there is need for intentional teaching within the 4YO program that specifically focusses literacy, numeracy and motor skills development. The National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) strongly reminds all educators that, the foundations of literacy & numeracy are laid well before formal schooling starts.

With this in mind, Brighton Baptist Kindergarten provides opportunity for literacy, numeracy and physical development skills to be built, encouraged and extended upon throughout the kindergarten program. Our thoughtfully planned, age appropriate and engaging experiences are child centred and designed to develop skills that your child will require from day one at school. Numeracy and literacy concepts are extended throughout the program, ensuring children become familiar with learning concepts, build understanding and increase in ability to transfer knowledge and understanding to different contexts.

PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) aims to improve a child’s perception understanding of self and their world through movement and motor experiences. When perceptions of “my world” (what we have seen, heard and felt) are well developed, then reactions will be more likely to be appropriate for each given situation and this build’s emotional intelligence. PMP is facilitated by our sports coach, Heather, running once a week for children attending the 4 year old program.

‘Children coming from Brighton Baptist Kindergarten are so well prepared and it makes such a difference’ Prep Coordinator at local Feeder school

‘My child confidently participated in the prep testing and I am truly thankful to BBK for giving them the opportunity to emotionally succeed from day one’ – 2019 parent

‘I love Sports Heather’ – Finn aged 4