At Brighton Baptist, our educators believe there is need for intentional teaching within the 4YO program that specifically focusses literacy, numeracy and motor skills development. The National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) strongly reminds all educators that, the foundations of literacy & numeracy are laid well before formal schooling starts.

With this in mind, Brighton Baptist Kindergarten deliver a more formal literacy, numeracy and PMP rotation program every week. Our focussed experiences are child initiated, designed to develop skills that your child will require from day one at school. Numeracy and literacy concepts will be extended at different times throughout the week to ensure learning concepts are embedded and children gain the confidence and success of completing a task.

PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) aims to improve a child’s perception understanding of self and their world through movement and motor experiences. When perceptions of “my world” (what we have seen, heard and felt) are well developed, then reactions will be more likely to be appropriate for each given situation and this build’s emotional intelligence.

‘Children coming from Brighton Baptist Kindergarten are so well prepared and it makes such a difference’ Prep Coordinator at local Feeder school

‘My child confidently participated in the prep testing and I am truly thankful to BBK for giving them the opportunity to emotionally succeed from day one’ – 2019 parent

‘I love Sports Heather’ – Finn aged 4